Smart Meters / Dumb Customers?

Have you had the "pleasure" of being introduced to the new electric company Smart Meters yet?  The electric company would like you to think this is the greatest invention since sliced bread!!  Best of all, as the commercials state, YOU have full control over seeing your electrical usage, no longer having to wait for the end of the month!  Does that not sound absolutely wonderful and makes you want to get one immediately!?

The electric companies are banking on the fact that you are an uninformed "dumb customer" who will just accept the "upgrade" to your meter and be happy that your electric company is looking out for you by providing great new features that you cannot live without!

What the electric companies are not telling you are the the following:

1. Freedom to Choose 

2. Invasion of Privacy

3. Interference (Electrical and RF)

4. Harmful Health Effects to Humans and Pets


Let us start with the Freedom to Choose.  I am a Vietnam Veteran, VERY PROUD Veteran, who still believes in his country being the greatest in this world.  America stands for freedom.  Why are we allowing companies to chip away at our freedoms?!?  Why are we allowing a company to come unto OUR property, force us to "upgrade" equipment without our INFORMED consent, and if we request the equipment to NOT be upgraded, we are threatened with "You will be upgraded one way or another before the end of the year"?!?  This is not how freedom works. 


Do you know how often data is collected and transmitted by the Smart Meters?  Do you know WHAT data is collected?  Do you know who your electric company discloses your data to?  Do you know if your electric company requires your authorization to disclose your data?  Do you know if your electric company is trying to claim that your data is actually theirs to do with as they please?  Do you know if the data disclosed is scrubbed before disclosure?  Did you know your meter can be hacked and your data stolen or altered?

These are all crucial questions that we need answers to, but the electric companies are not willing to disclose.


The new Smart Meters cause electrical and Radio Frequency (RF) radiation/interference.  Because the Smart Meters run on 900MHz to 2.4GHz, they can cause interference with devices you already have in your home, such as garage door openers, baby monitors, motion sensors, wireless cameras, wireless internet, amateur radio equipment, Bluetooth devices, ceiling fans, etc.  The electric company will tell you to 'move' your device away from their Smart Meter to reduce interference.  My question is, who gives the electric company the right to dictate what I use and where I place it in my home?! Especially if I had it before they forced me to "upgrade" to the Smart Meter?  Is it not the electric company that is causing problems with MY equipment and not the other way around?! 

Most of the above mentioned devices operate on the unlicensed frequencies.  However, Amateur Radio falls into licensed frequencies.  As a result, Amateur Radio receives unconditional protection from harmful interference from all Part 15 devices, including smart meters.  In addition, Part 15 devices, such as Smart Meters, receive no protection from interference resulting from licensed radio services such as Amateur Radio.  Although the frequencies typically used by Smart Meters are covered by Part 18 of the FCC rules, they actually operate under Part 15.  This is a very important distinction.  If the Smart Meter was operating under Part 18, the Amateur Service would have to accept any harmful interference from the meter.  Part 18 devices, however, are prohibited from using RF for communication purposes, and since Smart Meters transmit data, they cannot legally operate as Part 18 devices.


No longer is your home your safe-haven.  No longer can  you consider your home as the one place nobody nor thing can get to you.  Your home is no longer the sacred ground where you decide what goes on. 

Once the electric company installs a Smart Meter on your home, you and your pets are exposed to Radio Frequency (RF) radiation continuously, day and night, 24/7/365.  The electric company will try to tell you that the meter is only active for a total of a minute throughout the day, that it only sends signals to the office once every hour or once every four hours.  But when I put a monitor on my Smart Meter, I found it sending data almost continuously.  The Smart Meter on my house is in communication with the electric company about every five seconds, 24/7/365.  And once again, this exposure is being done without my consent, not by my choice, forcing me and my pets to be exposed to RF radiation continuously day and night.

Many people and animals have electrohypersensitivity.  This causes uncomfortable, and possibly disabling, physical reactions from the involuntary exposure to the RF radiation.  Some symptoms are headaches, dizziness, insomnia, heart irregularities, nausea, digestion difficulties, memory and concentration problems, anxiety, and depression.  These are just a few to name.  Now add to this people with medical devices or implants.  They are not being warned that the Smart Meter may disrupt their function.

We also do not know yet the long term effects of RF radiation.  What will happen to our children or pets' babies?  What about pregnant women?  What about the possibility of infertility problems?  What will be the damage to our future generations?