December 2013

The United States Air Force recently admitted that the airplanes used in Vietnam are still testing hot today for Agent Orange. But as usual, a cover up began.  Planes were destroyed so not enough testing could be performed for definitive proof for the VA to accept responsibility for those exposed post-war on these contaminated airplanes. This battle is important as well because many Veterans are still being denied for in-country exposure to Agent Orange.  The VA does not wish to take responsibility because to them this opens a can of warms they do not want, nor money they want to spend.  We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.  Please read the following articles for more information.

Although the VA is claiming risk of long-term health problems from exposure to Agent Orange residue on post-Vietnam airplanes is minimal, just as the VA for years denied Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam and at test sites, Veterans who believe they have exposure-related health problems may file a claim for disability compensation. These claims will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

April 2011

The first case of Agent Orange at Fort Chaffee has been finally approved by the VA.  The VA has admitted to testing Agent Orange at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, in 1966, 1967, and 1968.  The VA has granted our first Veteran his 100% disability caused by Agent Orange at Fort Chaffee.

If you know anyone who served at Fort Chaffee and may be suffering from Agent Orange exposure, please have them contact me as soon as possible at

If you are fighting this battle in another Agent Orange test site here in the US, please feel free to contact me as well.  This landmark decision is a precedent for you as well!  Below are the links for our Veteran's documents showing the VA's admission of Agent Orange testing at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, as well as the decision to grant 100% disability to our Veteran for the damage caused by our government's negligence.


Below are  some additional documents with regards to Agent Orange found at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas:

Did you know there was Agent Orange stored (100s of barrels) and used at Fort Chaffee still in 1975?

The above marked location is where the new Mitsubishi Wind Generator Plant was built. Click HERE to view large image.

Below is a quote from one of my many sources:

"Yesterday I spoke with two people who were involved, although in a small manner, with a part of the Agent Orange spraying at Chaffee. One of them is retired from the 188th and told me he was involved with the loading of the chemical onto the C-130 aircraft involved and stated, "... much of that stuff was spilled on the tarmac and we were sloshing through it as if it was water". The other person was at Chaffee and said the area sprayed was mostly East of Highway 96. Of course they were not particularly interested in the wind direction or force. The first person said they were not particularly careful with the stuff because they thought it was just a "grass and weed killer". Little did they know."

But our government, city and Fort Chaffee officials, want us to believe the Agent Orange testing at Fort Chaffee was carefully controlled and extremely limited.  So why is it that we have so many who came through the gates of Fort Chaffee suffering from Agent Orange after effects?!  Why does the City of Charleston have 10 times the national average for cancer and diabetes when all they did was use water from Engineers Lake, one of the test sites for Agent Orange?!  If you believe Agent Orange is not harmful and caused no problems for our people at Fort Chaffee and surrounding areas, I have a bridge to sell you!